Born in Thessaloniki on April 6th, 1929, his father being Cretan and his mother Macedonian, i.e. Greek.

He completed all his studies, including university education (Law School), at Thessaloniki.  

Lawyer at the Thessaloniki Bar after examinations in October 1954.

He entered the Judicature after competitive examinations in November 1955 for his nomination as Justice of the Peace, and in November 1956 as Fist Instance Judge.

First Instance Judge initially at Thessaloniki (1957-1959), at Agrinion (1959-1962) and again at Thessaloniki (from late 1962 onwards).

Examining Magistrate at the notorious case of  murder of  the Deputy (left wing) Lambrakis perpetrated on May 22nd 1963 at Thessaloniki. This case and his action were represented by Costas Gavras in the well known film «Z».

Post-graduate studies in Commercial Law and European Community Law, on educational leave (state scholarship), in Paris, 1965 (Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Économiques de Paris and Centre Universitaire des Études des Communautés Européennes ), where from he was recalled by the military junta immediately after the coup d’état of April 1967.

Dismissed from his functions by «Constitutional Act» of the junta in May 1968, together with 29 other magistrates. Twice arrested  during the dictatorship. The second time he was imprisoned for almost a year - initially for 50 days at the Special Interrogating Section of the Military Police (E.A.T./E.S.A.), where he was savagely tortured - and subsequently at the Korydallos Prisons.

Released on November 19th, 1971, as a result  of the international outcry, mainly of members of the Judicial and Legal profession, those of France in particular, while the junta never dared to prosecute him before a court.

Reinstated in the Judicature in September 1974, after the restoration of democratic legality, as Judge of Appeal  at the Court of Appeal of Athens. Chairman of the Court of Appeal  of Nafplion in 1981. Justice of the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos, Athens) in October 1982.

Author of various, mainly legal and political studies.

Up to the time of his election as President of the Hellenic Republic, he was Vice-President of the Union of Greek Processualists as well as member of the Administrative Council of the Greek Section of the «Association Henri Capitant pour la Culture Juridique Française». He was also member of the Administrative Council of the Hellenic Humanistic Society. He is a member, since 1968,of the Paris based «Société de Législation Comparée».

Elected President of the Hellenic Republic on March 29th , 1985 . He was sworn in the following day, March 30th, 1985., and assumed these duties from that day until the 5th May, 1990.

Member honoris causa  of the High Court of Portugal.

Doctor honoris causa of the Democritus University of Thrace (Historical and Ethnological Section)

He was honored by the highest decorations of many states.

He is married with Efi Argyriou, historian-archaeolog. They have a daughter, named Petroula.-